Matthew and Carolyn Bucksbaum Campus
November-December 2015 Update


Steel has been flying, literal tons of concrete have been poured, and roof, floor, mechanical, and electrical work are in progress here at the beginning of 2016 on the Matthew and Carolyn Bucksbaum Campus. The building are rising fast!

After demolition and digging in the fall came construction in the winter–along with snow.

But back to where we left off: By the end of October, the water service lines had been installed and pressure tested, and most other utility work was completed for the Cafeteria/AMFS Administration Building and Upper Studio Building. Sub grade and foundation work continued in the excavated areas, including the installation of enormous ducts underneath Hurst Hall (for silent air movement while heating and cooling the building).

With November came a snow day–and what was good news in childhood can pose some challenges on the construction site. For example, concrete needs seven days above 40-degree temperatures to cure properly; fortunately the experienced team at Shaw knows how to tent and heat the slabs when necessary, and work continued apace. 

When the team opened up the walls, floors, and ceilings in the 100-plus-year-old Hardy Administration Building (a building constructed and used by the Newman Silver Mine in the late 1800s), its structure showed a need for modern enhancements. Workers added temporary beams and straps to shore it up, and then went to work adding additional roof framing, interior structure, and foundation.

Another task involving the site's historic structures was reapplying, in its original orientation, the old stone work from the AMFS Business Office (home of the foreman of the silver mine in the late 1800s). Stones were numbered as they were removed from the building during demolition so they could be reapplied in their exact original order, and the week before Thanksgiving, the stonework neared completion.

Another milestone was met toward the end of November when Shaw poured the concrete floor slab for the 7,390-square-foot Hurst Hall. Pouring the slab was quite a sight, as the roughly 140 cubic yards of concrete was poured and finished inside a temporary tent structure.

Early December brought cranes to Campus for the beginning of steel framing work and the beginning of the significant visual transformation of the site. In just over a week, the steel work on Hurst Hall was completed and workers started work on roofing. Steel climbed high and fast also for the Administration Building/Cafeteria and Upper Studio Building.

With such a tight construction schedule, the team worked through the holiday weeks, even on New Year's Eve and Day, making significant progress. Now, as we begin in to 2016, most framing is done, roofs are in progress, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical rough-ins have started, decking and insulation are being installed, and what were just holes two months ago are starting to take shape as the highly technical yet stunningly beautiful buildings they will come to be.

(Updated: January 18, 2016)