Matthew and Carolyn Bucksbaum Campus
Fall 2015 Update


Bulldozers rolled on to Campus just three days after the end of the 2015 summer Festival, on August 27, 2015.

In August and September, old buildings were demolished to make way for the new. Gone are the classroom buildings, "Isolde" studio, and maintenance buildings that were past the ponds by the Business Office. The walls of the 100-plus-year-old Hardy Administration Building were opened up for inspection and in preparation for renovation.

As soon as the debris was cleared, foundation work began--digging and driving metal rods called micropiles down deep in to the earth and rock. Repairs began on the Administration Building, including jacking up a corner of the foundation nine inches to make it level. Site infrastructure is being installed in the back part of the site; September saw workers extending the water line.

In early October, the second historic building on Campus, formerly known as the Business Office, was lifted and moved to make room for the Aspen Country Day School Middle School Building and playing field; the building will house teaching studios and practice rooms for the AMFS).

Along with the foundation work, elevator shafts are being built and sub-grade mechanical and utility work has begun.

In coming weeks: construction will switch from digging down to building up. Steel beams will go up and roofs will go on in November and December.

(Updated: October 20, 2015)