Campus Construction Update - Early Winter 2015


December 8, 2015   |   A Glimpse of the Future

The view from the Hardy Administration Building showing the beginning of steel framing for the new Administration/Cafeteria Building (foreground), the framing for Hurst Hall (background, left), the historic Newman Mansion/AMFS Business Building in its new location (background, center), and the elevator shaft for the Upper Studio Building (background, right). Photo: Harry Teague

Below: Work completed between late October and mid-January.

Foundation Work in Oct.

At the end of October, Shaw Construction workers were completing foundations for multiple new buildings on Campus, including the Upper Studio Building, above.

True to History 

Stones from the original foundation of the mining building used as the AMFS Business Office were removed one-by-one and numbered so masons could put them back in their exact original order. Workers were shielded from the colder weather by tarps.

Demolition Wraps Up

Also in October, demolition work continued in the Hardy Administration Building. Seen here is the corner of the building that formerly housed the AMFS's Artistic Administration offices.

Utility Work Completed

Also at the end of October, the water service lines to all started buildings had been installed and pressure tested, which is seen here at the Upper Studio Building. 

Historic Grout Techniques

This photo shows the AMFS Business Office’s stone work, which was completed in the beginning of December. The workers used the grout techniques of the late twentieth century to re-apply these late twentieth-century stones.     

1890s Framing

Workers tore eleven decades of drywall, floors, and ceilings out of the Hardy Administration Building, revealing the original rough-hewn wood framing no one has seen since the late 1890s.

Structural Enhancements

A closer look at the structure of the Hardy Administration Building revealed the need for further structural enhancements. Additional work was done to the roof, pictured above, some walls, and the foundation.

Old Stairs, New Stairs

The old stairs in the Hardy Administration Building remained in place, while in November, a new set of stairs was built right on top of them. The new stairs conformed to modern standards, including a gentler angle of incline.

Cozy Concrete

This photo shows the "concrete cozy" over the foundation of the Upper Studio Building--tenting that, along with heaters, keeps the concrete warm in order to cure properly.

Stronger than Steel

The Hardy Administration Building roof work is shown from the inside in a November 12 photo. The wooden support under the window is "glulam," engineered wood that, pound for pound, is stronger than steel. 

The Race for Concrete

By the middle of November, concrete was being poured for Hurst Hall’s foundation. The concrete is mixed off-site and must get to the site quickly, before freezing, and be warmed for seven days for proper curing. Photo: Harry Teague.

Steel Rises

In early December, cranes rolled on to the site, and steel beams began to fly into place, forming the frames that will shape these buildings and, ultimately, this Campus. Photo: Harry Teague.

Hurst Hall Framing

Framing began first on Hurst Hall, pictured here at left. The framing was complete in just over a week. Photo: Harry Teague.

More Hurst Hall

Hurst Hall will be the athletic facility for the AMFS's partner, Aspen Country Day School. The floor is the size of a regulation gym and the height was calculated for optimal acoustics at that floor size.

New Cafeteria/Offices

Pictured above, on December 17, is the framing for the new Administration Offices/Cafeteria.

Hurst Hall Takes Shape

With the roof on and tented to protect it from the elements, Hurst Hall starts to look and feel like the beautiful space it will be soon.

Signature Framing

Another view of Hurst Hall. Those familiar with the Campus's other two rehearsal halls will recognize the crossed-wire structural bracing. Photo: Harry Teague.

Sparks on Snow

Frosty days were the scene of showers of sparks as welding went on throughout December and in to January.                                                                                                   


Song on Site

AMFS VP and General Manager Daniel Song stands where his office will be in six months time.

Old and New Together

The view from the Cafeteria/Administration Offices shows the 1890s historic house elegantly flanked by two new buildings.